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Why not have a pool party that lasts all summer? Keep your family cool, happy and refreshed during long, hot Kansas summers with a new pool. Whether you're looking to save money with an above-ground pool or to beautify your backyard with an in-ground pool, Mr. Pool has great options for every budget.

All the pool supplies you need

Here are just some of our products we carry:

• In-ground and above-ground pools

• A variety of small, medium, and large sizes

• A variety of sizes including rectangle, oval, kidney, and more

• 35-year manufacturer warranties

• Pool kits with filters, chlorinators, and cleaners        

• Covers and blankets

• Vacuums, brushes, and thermometers

• Complete installation services

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You want your pool to match your style. Check out our variety of sizes and shapes. We carry round or oval above-ground pools and in-ground pools in a range of shapes including ovals, lagoons, and l-shaped.

Have questions about pool options? Mr. Pool can answer them!

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Ready to complete your backyard paradise? Look into our spas and concrete work options. We always offer you the best deals and the best service around! That's why we are the largest pool dealer in Western Kansas. We give you COMPLETE service.


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We carry a large selection of vinyl liner patterns.

Tara Vinyl liners  and  Merlin VinylLiners